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Regeneration evolved in anamniotes in relation to metamorphosis: indications for attempts to induce limb regeneration in humans

The amazing capability of anamniotes, amphibians and fish, to regenerate limbs, tails, spinal cord, eyes, intestine, heart etc. contrasts with loss of organ regeneration in amniotes: reptiles, birds and mammals. Studies generally neglect to consider the life

Effects of Cadmium on amphibians

Cadmium is a toxic metal for living organisms. It causes abnormal fetus development, cancer, DNA mutations; it impairs growth, and compromises the functions of the reproductive, respiratory and endocrine systems. Cadmium enters the aquatic system through industrial

How tree frogs keep their Y chromosomes healthy

Sex chromosomes are the pair of chromosomes that fate whether we become male or female. Females carry two X chromosomes, while males carry one X and one Y chromosome. These chromosomes are quite special among the genome: