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Is the color of museum mammal specimens an acceptable representation of the color of live animals?

he color of museum mammal specimens. AoS

Existing collections in Natural History Museums are often the basis of numerous studies in taxonomy, systematics, ecology, biogeography, management, conservation, etc., and studies based on biological museum specimens are to a large degree the basis of our

Large animal models for osteochondral regeneration

Comparison of common currently used large animal models

Due to the lacking of a blood supply and the low cellular density of articular cartilage, this hard tissue has a limited healing capacity. Therefore, focal traumatic events causing cartilage defects rarely resolve spontaneously or are usually

Are there genetically modified animals in the supermarket?

Animal breeders have used selective breeding, a form of directed evolution, since animals were first domesticated. Using this approach, individual animals are chosen to be parents of the next generation because they exhibit a desirable trait or

Migration led to the microevolution of Chinese short fat-tailed Sheep

China has a long history of sheep domestication and rich resources of sheep breeds. Based on tail type, the Chinese domesticated sheep can be divided into five types: short fat-tailed sheep, long fat-tailed sheep, short thin-tailed sheep,

Retromer in polarized protein transport

In living organisms, all cells contain different compartments called organelles. Each organelle, surrounded by lipid membranes, includes a characteristic set of resident molecules. Maintenance of such precise set of components in each organelle is critical for proper

Red ochre and early humans

Already 200.000 to 100.000 years ago Neanderthal people in Europe as well as early modern humans in Africa painted their body with red ochre mixed with fat. They did it long before modern man developed significant artistic

Does acute kidney injury affect other organs?

Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is a common and serious condition with no specific treatment. AKI has been estimated to cost the NHS in the UK alone between £451-626 million per year. Recovery from a single episode of

Lung mechanics and pulmonary function testing in cetaceans

Marine mammals live a life of dual constraints. These air breathing animals need to spend time at the surface to replenish O2 used and remove CO2 produced by metabolism. However, food is underwater and the longer they

Oxygen-transfer performance of a new, very low-volume membrane oxygenator

During heart surgery, an external system (extracorporeal circulation) is often needed to replace the normal function of the heart and lungs to ensure blood circulation to the brain and all other organs. One key element of this

The sound of one hand clapping

Combat in the animal kingdom is pervasive. Animals fight to gain mates, food and suitable places to rest and they fight to protect what they have, be it food or young. But with fighting there is risk,

Use of antibiotics in animals and people – resistance transfer

There is a great debate going on in the European Union and the United States, regarding the effects of the use of antibiotics in animals and the potential transfer of resistance to man, primarily via the consumption