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Oxygen starvation promotes pro-tumorigenic cytokine expression

Oxygen Starvation Promotes Pro-Tumorigenic Cytokine Expression. AoS

Identification of the factors that trigger tumor formation and metastasis is a problem that has persisted in cancer research since its inception. To date, studies have focused on chemical signaling compounds that are part of the secretome

Look ma, no air

link between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration

Until recently, it has been conventional thinking that mammals cannot live without oxygen. This has been challenged by studies demonstrating survival of mole rats without oxygen for extended periods of time. The ability of mammalian cells to

Functional role of dissolved oxygen as TEA – Towards treatment of multiple pollutants

Domestic or industrial effluents need appropriate treatment prior to discharge into the ecosystem. Physicochemical processes have been commonly used for the treatment of wastewater. Alternatively, biological processes are considered to be advantageous and sustainable in comparison to the