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Campylobacter antimicrobial resistance in dogs and humans

Campylobacteriosis has been the most frequently reported zoonotic disease in humans in Europe since 2005, and the annual number of notified   campylobacteriosis   cases   has   increased in   many   European countries in recent years. The species most associated with

The antibiotics of tomorrow: from enzyme Lego blocks to customized enzybiotics

Antibiotics play a key role in the treatment of bacterial infections and have saved millions of lives since their invention. Moreover, they allowed the development of complex surgeries and cancer treatments. However, already in 1945, after receiving

The matrix reloaded: how a self-produced extracellular matrix controls the development of multicellular microbial communities

In nature, many bacteria live in multicellular communities called biofilms. Biofilms offer their resident bacterial cells protection from environmental insults and assaults, and better attachment to hosts. For humans, they have medical and industrial costs, but also