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Novel drug treatment for human infection with H7N9- avian influenza A

Distribution of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) virus infection in China. AoS

The H7N9 subtype of avian influenza is an enzootic and airborne virus which caused an influenza outbreak in China. Infected individuals mostly worked with poultry, suggesting H7N9 virus-infected poultry as the primary source of human infection. Significantly

Neuraminidase gene: a target for influenza antivirals and vaccines

Highly contagious nature and fast transmissibility, mark Influenza as one of the most infectious diseases. According to WHO, annual Influenza epidemic tolls up to 3-5 million cases of serious illness, culminating in half a million death worldwide.

Locking out HIV from human cells: a new powerful approach

Picture your home, the safest place in the world. And now imagine a criminal that wants to enter and become you home landlord. And imagine that the criminal has the key. What would you do to protect