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Inner peace and faith: the impact of spiritual well-being on anxiety protection in healthcare workers

Inner peace and faith

Anxiety is considered the most common mental disorder. The anxiety symptoms (AS) are usually associated with several physical and mental illnesses. Previous investigations have shown that AS are exceptionally high in healthcare workers (HCWs). Furthermore, some studies

Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

AoS. Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

Orexins (orexin-A, orx-A and orexin-B, orx-B) are neuropeptides expressed exclusively in hypothalamic neurons of the lateral hypothalamus and perifornical area. They mediate their effects through activation of two G-protein coupled receptors, the orexin-1-receptor (Orx1R) and orexin-2-receptor (Orx2R).

Mindless monitoring: When does attention help or hurt our emotional health

When it comes to anxiety and depression, a long-standing assumption is that there is something off about one’s ability to effectively focus and attend to present moment situations. Prominent theories in clinical psychology propose that anxiety causes

Why is anxiety more common in women? Investigating sex differences in threat and safety learning

Anxiety-related disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are up to twice as common in women as in men but the reasons behind this remain unclear. People with PTSD often experience negative emotions like fear when reminded of

Immunological disturbances observed in chronic alcoholism

Alcoholism is a complex behavioral disorder characterized by the loss of control over alcohol consumption often involving other drug abuse with a relapsing and remitting course leading to significant impairment. Chronic alcohol use and alcoholism damages many

Assessment of anxiety: a matter of temperature?

Anxiety is an emotional response occurring when individuals are facing challenging situations or threats. This affective state promotes adaptive coping strategies and is associated with changes involving a variety of different, cross-species conserved, behavioral and physiological responses

The management of horses during fireworks in New Zealand

The negative effects of fireworks on companion animals have been reported, but little has been documented on the impact on horses. Horse anxiety was commonly associated with fireworks, and 26% of owners reported horses injuries as a

Who are the people waitiing to have talking therapies?

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a national programme across the England offering access to psychological therapies for people with depression and anxiety. These include cognitive behavioural therapy and other “talking therapies”. A way to monitor

Clinical depression predicts persistence of paranoia in clinical high-risk patients to psychosis

Pathways to both occurrence and persistence of paranoia and persecutory ideation have always been a topic of great interest in psychiatry research. Emotions, anxiety and depression in particular, have been in focus of this discussion. Wilhelm Griesinger

Anxiety linked to earlier alcohol involvement

Mental health and substance use disorders are common in the general population and the leading disorders within these are anxiety and alcohol use disorders, with approximately 20 – 30% of the population experiencing one during their lifetime.

A novel perspective on schizophrenic-like symptoms

One of the key questions in neuroscience involves understanding how the brain processes cognitive functions – like learning new information, making adaptive decisions, and engaging in social interactions with others. We know that these activities occur across