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The Ravel case; possible link between non fluent Primary Progressive Aphasia and basal ganglia dysfunction

The Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) syndrome was firstly introduced in 1982. Recently, the primary progressive aphasias were classified into three clinical variants; non fluent/agrammatic, semantic and logopenic. The criteria developed by the investigators were mainly based on

A systems-level view of cerebellar function: The interplay between cerebellum, basal ganglia, and cortex

The cerebellum is a key brain region involved in many motor functions. It contributes to coordination, precision, and accurate timing of movements as well as to motor learning and adaptation. Alongside its role in motor control, it

Neurophysiological biomarkers as a method to evaluate effects of drugs

When it comes to treatment of brain diseases not affecting the motor-system, drug development has proven difficult, because the majority of tests of drug-effects in animal experiments rely on changes in the behavior of the treated subject.