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Preventing over-treatment in euthyroid patients with thyroid hormone abnormalities

AoS. Preventing over-treatment in euthyroid patients with thyroid hormone abnormalities.

Up to 12% of the U.S. population will be diagnosed with a thyroid condition. Because thyroid hormones affect every cell in the body, hypo- (low) and hyper-(high) thyroidism can be difficult to distinguish from other medical conditions.

Unity is strength in the world of microscopic intermolecular connections

‘Unity is strength’ is one of the most overused motto in human societies, which found a plethora of validations since the ancient Greeks, via the French revolution, and up to the modern period. It is a common

A chirality change in XPC- and Sfi1-derived peptides affects their affinity for centrin

Centrins are small Ca2+-binding proteins that bind several cellular targets: XPC, Sfi1, Sac3, and transducin β. Thus, centrins are involved in several cellular processes, including centrosome division (Sfi1 protein), DNA repair (the recognition of UV-induced damage by

How actinomycin binds to DNA and exerts its mechanism of action

In this remarkably simple and profound article — recently appearing in the March issue of the Journal of Structural and Functional Genomics — Henry M. Sobell describes his theory for the existence of “premeltons” in DNA —

Is it possible reversible and irreversible aggregation of proteins?

The discovery of protein chain regions responsible for protein aggregation is an important result of studying of the molecular mechanisms of prion diseases, and different proteinopathies associated with the formation of pathological aggregations through the prion mechanism.