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Sheath blight of rice: challenges and management

Rice (Oryza sativa L) is one of the most widely consumed cereal crops, grown in more than a hundred countries. Around 40,000 different varieties of rice exist in the world, with China producing the largest amount of

Ecotoxicology at the era of biocontrol expansion

AoS. Ecotoxicology at the era of biocontrol expansion.

The French network ECOTOX questioned recently the implementation of ecotoxicology tools and concepts within the elaboration of biocontrol strategies. Ecotoxicology is defined as the science which studies the impacts of human activity (industry, agriculture, urban growth…) on

Sequence of the plant beneficial biocontrol agent Pseudomonas fluorescens DSM 8569

Pseudomonas represents an abundant bacterial group that can live in the soil. In this habitat many organisms like fungi, bacteria, plants or insects live together, often intensively interacting in close communities. The composition of these communities is

Genome sequence of the natural antagonist Pseudomonas fluorescens 2-79 against fungal plant diseases

In agriculture we have to deal with a huge variety of diseases caused by phytopathogenic bacteria, fungi or insects for instance. Many of these plant pathogens live in the soil and attack the respective cultivar at the