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European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials. Paris, France. September 04-05, 2019

European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials

LONGDOM proffers our immense pleasure and honor in extending you a warm invitation to attend “European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials” to be held during September 04-05, 2019 in Paris, France. Dental MAT 2019 is focusing

Therapeutic delivery vehicle development by combinatorial post-modification

Schematic illustration of combinatorial polymer libraries synthesized by post-modification of reactive polymers for the optimization of therapeutic delivery polymers.

Polymers are widely used in the construction of nanocarriers for therapeutic delivery because of their precisely controllable structure and low toxicity. Combinatorially modified polymers usually have a portion of similar structures, while other specific structures determine the

Bone cells prefer to grow on aligned fibers

The finding of suitable biomaterials allowing the bone restoration of large bone defects is the subject of active research. Non-resorbable biomaterials such as polymers can constitute suitable scaffolds allowing the deposition of new bone. Microfibers made with

Development of amorphous magnesium-calcium phosphate as a bone substitute biomaterial

The research that we report here is related to amorphous magnesium-calcium phosphate (AMCP) materials. The word “amorphous” is of latin origin; “a” means no and “morphous” means shape. The amorphous materials do not have the well-behaved periodic

Granules of a bone substitute biomaterial have a 3D arrangement mimicking bone microarchitecture

Bone is a naturally rigid and porous tissue of the body. The pores allow the circulation of blood vessels and the creeping of bone-forming cells at the surface of the tissue. Bone loss can occur systemically, for