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When the physician may identify microscopic tissue architecture in real time

Diagnosis of disease is the fundamental goal of medicine as treatment  and prognosis rely on it. The diagnostic process ends eventually with tissue sampling (biopsy) for microscopic evaluation. The paradigm “tissue is the issue” reflects the modern trend

A way to a man’s (or women’s) kidney is through the stomach

Kidney cancer can be difficult to diagnose. A biopsy may be needed. Kidney biopsy is usually taken by passing a needle from the outside of the patient into the kidney. The needle is passed from the patient’s

It is time to stop screening all women with mammography based on age alone

The early detection of breast cancer by mammography has been promoted in the Western world for decades, usually for all women 40-70+. Mammography involves an x-ray of the breasts while under compression. While mammography screening was once

VIRTUOSO: Virtual clinical trials concept to help identify resistant tumors

The use of anti-cancer drugs (chemotherapy) is one of the standard-of-care therapeutic treatments routinely applied in clinics. However, a significant portion of patients who show a good initial response to the chemotherapeutic treatment become unresponsive to the