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Grandmothers’ breastfeeding stories to mothers: a knowledge translation gift


Breastfeeding is an ideal way to feed babies that promotes and protects health throughout life. In the Northwest Territories, Canada, in follow-up to a study from one region of the territory, we conducted a territory-wide study to

Help for breastfeeding mothers and babies with shared care

The World Health Organisation and the UK Department of Health advise all mothers to totally breastfeed for the first six months of a baby’s life and to continue to breastfeed along with other foods until the child

Side effects from medications in mother’s milk

Mothers are often concerned about medications they are taking while they are breastfeeding. This can result in their stopping breastfeeding or avoiding a medication needed for her health. We searched the medical literature from 2002 to the

What’s in the breast milk affects microbes in the baby

Our intestines are full of a vast number of microorganisms. These microbes include bacteria and fungi, and interactions between us and the microbes that live inside us have an impact on health and disease in ways that