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Should You Work as an Epidemiologist?

AoS. Should You Work as an Epidemiologist

If you are interested in public health, you may want to look into working as an epidemiologist. They investigate the causes of disease outbreaks and identify and protect those most at risk of contracting the disease. There

The Benefits of a Career in Science

AoS. The Benefits of a Career in Science

If you want a new career, you might be considering entering a scientific field. There are many reasons to pursue a degree in the field, including job security and the fact that it is constantly changing. Depending

Embedding etiquette skills in science course assists undergraduate career preparation

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, the age-old custom and etiquette of writing a thank-you note may often be forgotten. Educators often assume undergraduates have mastered the art of crafting a thoughtful and articulate thank-you note by the