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Role of AMPK and PKA pathways in chicken spermatozoa functions

AoS. Role of AMPK and PKA pathways in chicken spermatozoa functions.

Spermatozoa functions include delicate and high energy consuming processes like motility and the ability to perform acrosome reaction, i.e. the fusion of the spermatozoa head cytoplasmic membrane and the underlying outer acrosomal membrane, so that the acrosome

The woody breast condition affects texture characteristics of both raw and cooked chicken breast meat

The wooden breast condition (WBC) is a muscle abnormality observed in chicken breast meat (Pectoralis major) that is an emerging challenge to the poultry industry. Breast meat with the WBC is characterized by diffuse areas of hardness

A method of production of boneless chicken wings without cutting skin and muscles

Broiler chicken wings including drumettes and winglets, which contain much less meat than do other parts (including leg and breast) of chicken carcass, are commonly served without deboning. However, if deboned, the value of chicken wing may