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Wicherhamomyces anomalus biofilm supported on wood husk for chromium wastewater treatment

Toxic heavy metals are harmful pollutants increasingly discharged in the environment by natural and anthropogenic means. Due to its widespread use in industrial processes, chromium presents a significant impact on the surface waters and ecosystem services. Because

How does chromium cause lung cancer? Resistance to cellular stress

How does chromium cause lung cancer

Lung cancer is the deadliest form of cancer in both men and women. One cause of lung cancer is occupational exposure to heavy metals. Extremely useful in several industries, heavy metals have become widespread environmental pollutants over

Efficient co-adsorption of multiple types of coexisting pollutants from water using a chitosan-based magnetic composite adsorbent

Contaminants in real water are typically very complicated, and various types of contaminants usually coexist. For example, in the textile industries, the discharged dyeing effluents also contain numerous kinds of other pollutants besides residual dyes, such as

A novel approach to characterizing the type of three-factorial combined toxicity

We carried out an experiment in which outbred white rats were subjected to repeated injections with water solutions of either one of the toxics (Mn, Ni or Cr salts) in doses isoeffective in respect to the lethal