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Waking a sleeping giant: How increasing Africa’s research output can benefit global cardiovascular health?

AoS. Waking a sleeping giant: How increasing Africa's research output can benefit global cardiovascular health?

Africa is home to 1.4 billion people, of whom 55 million suffer from cardiovascular disease (CVD). Despite this, Africa contributes to only 1.7% of the world’s cardiovascular science. We studied 179 clinical trials led by African researchers

Rethinking drugs’ development in acute heart failure?

The ten drugs developed in AHF during the last two decades

Acute heart failure (AHF) affects 1-2% of adults in developed countries. It strikes mainly people above the age 60, peeking in those older than 85 (prevalence ~ 17.4%). AHF is a life threatening medical event, with gradual

Do all children have equal access to Phase I cancer trials?

Approximately 60% of pediatric cancer patients participate in clinical trials compared to only 5% of adult cancer patients.  These pediatric clinical trials have been instrumental in improving the 5-year survival rate of childhood and adolescent cancer patients

TrialShare: Open data access for translational and clinical immunology

Numerous initiatives are underway focused on making data more broadly accessible to investigators, usually in the form of data repositories or public archives. The Immune Tolerance Network (ITN) has developed a notable approach that extends these activities

What the updated Good Publication Practice (GPP3) 2015 guidelines recommends to the Industry

In the past the pharmaceutical industry has been criticised for not publishing all the findings from its clinical trials.  The Good Publication Practice 3 (GPP3) guidelines published in September 2015 is an update to the previous guidelines

Evaluation of heart rate measurements in clinical studies – Which way to do it right?

100.000 times a day – this is the daily number of heart beats in human beings. This huge workload normally will pass by unobserved in a healthy being, but in a patient with heart disease any alteration

Delivering the intended drug: Adding surfactant to IV administration fluid prevents protein particles

Each year, over 12 million people are diagnosed with cancer, and many others are impacted as a family member or close friend. No matter how one is affected, cancer causes pain, heartbreak and suffering. Scientists at Bristol-Myers