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Why iron and copper may be harmful to the aging brain

Similar to other organs, brain function declines with age. Furthermore, age is the single greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease as well as other neurodegenerative diseases. Both iron and copper increase in the brain with aging and

Trapping copper with peptides to diminish metal-related toxicity in Alzheimer’s disease

Metals are essential in many life processes and, as such, all organisms including our body have developed mechanisms for their uptake and tight regulation to achieve a normal functioning. Failure of these mechanisms is reflected in the

Luminescent molecular wires that consist of up to eight copper atoms

Linear multi-atom complexes of Group 11 metals (Cu, Ag, Au) exhibit fascinating luminescence properties that make them highly interesting 1) for the systematic design of molecular wires in nanoelectronics and 2) their application as light-emitting building blocks

Cupric ions enhance the radical scavenging capacity of cysteine-derived antioxidants

Free radicals are chemical species with one or more unpaired valence electrons. This feature predetermines a high reactivity of free radicals that may initiate a variety of chemical processes such as explosions or polymerizations. Free radicals play

Visible-light-induced preparation of Functionalized Indoles

The use of low energy visible-light irradiation for the construction of synthetically and biologically important heterocyclic molecules by simple utilization of readily available starting substrates has emerged as powerful and sustainable approach in organic synthesis. Indole scaffold