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A method for highly sensitive detection of D-amino acids

AoS. A method for highly sensitive detection of D-amino acids.

D-amino acids have recently attracted much attention in various research fields including medical, cliDical and food industry due to their important biological functions that differ from l-amino acid; thus, there has been an increasing need to develop

D-amino acid profile would be varied depending on the storage time of fermented food

Although the natural amino acids are dominated by l-amino acids, various fermented foods are known to contain many d-amino acids. The enantiospecific modulation of amino acids might be caused by fermentation bacterial metabolism during manufacturing and storage

Technical revolution of D-amino acid profiling

Amino acids are essential and ubiquitous compounds for living organisms on Earth. Proteinogenic amino acids (except for glycine) have chiral carbon, and those enantiomers (L-form and D-form) exist (Fig. 1). L-forms predominantly exist in nature, therefore researches