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Applying nanopharmacology to obstetrics: A novel targeted drug delivery system for the uterus

Pregnancy is a dangerous period for both the mother and foetus. Being born too early (preterm birth) is the leading cause of death and disease in children <5 years of age, while insufficient uterine contractions during or

Time-saving and life-saving impact of a dedicated childbirth operating room in hospitals in Ghana

Despite global efforts to improve medical care in Sub-Saharan Africa, childbirth remains one of the most dangerous experiences that women and their babies can face. Delays in receiving appropriate emergency care during the crucial moments of childbirth

Vaccinating pregnant women – a global perspective

The World Health Organization (WHO) influenza vaccine policy recommendations aim to protect vulnerable high-risk groups from severe disease. In a 2012 update of its influenza vaccine position, WHO recommended that countries considering the initiation or expansion of

Smart tumor suppression via intracellularly delivered drug

With the rapid metabolism of tumor cells, the microenvironments of tumor tissue and cells present acidity, while the pH maintains at about 7.4 in normal extracellular matrices and blood. In detail, the extracellular pH in tumor tissue