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How to use machine learning to discover relevant aspects in the Dengue Virus protease and guide the drug discovery process?

Dengue Virus (DENV) is perhaps one of the most relevant viral pathogens in tropical and sub-tropical areas. A World Health Organization (WHO) report indicates that DENV related infections have increased 30-fold in the last 50 years. DENV

Genetic information of mosquito blood cells decoded

Mosquitoes are most dangerous tiny animal killing 7.25 million peoples in the world annually, as they transmit many deadliest pathogens causing malaria, dengue, chikungunya, zika virus infection etc. Despite of the strong innate and adaptive immune system

Review of ten-years presence of Aedes albopictus in Spain

The tiger mosquito was first detected in 2004 near Barcelona, although maybe it had arrived one or two years before. Since then, its distribution has been spreading and, in 2014, it has been found in almost all

Will dengue vaccination be cost-effective for an epidemic country? The case of Argentina

Dengue is one of the major tropical diseases, causing a huge burden in terms of suffering, deaths and economic costs globally. Many research institutions and pharmaceutical companies throughout the world have been trying to develop a vaccine