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Bone from tissue banking to regenerate the lost bone jaws induce the production of antibodies

Dental implants have shown important role in dentistry, reaching success rates in osseointegration at the order of 97% of cases. The dental implant is a titanium device which is positioned in the alveolar bone, so as to

Strong magnets to investigate novel dental implants

Replacing lost natural teeth with dental implants is not a recent technological advancement. The implant history dates back thousands of years and includes the ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Mayans, Celtic and Etruscans civilizations. A variety of attempts and

Protecting titanium implants from infection

Certain microorganisms are capable of growing in layers, forming biofilms on medical surfaces, like implants, heart valves, etc… Biofilm-associated infections on implants are responsible for 15-25 % of implant failures as biofilms are resistant to most of the