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Fast artificial intelligence for detecting the invisible

AoS. Fast Artificial Intelligence for Detecting the Invisible

Artificial Intelligence (AI) relies on synthetic neural networks, inspired by functional properties of living intelligent systems (brains) and learns autonomously on the basis of unsupervised learning procedures. Such learning permits, among other things, the analysis of changes

Compressed ultrasound imaging: finding tumors with a few transducers

Compressed Ultrasound Imaging with Holey Cavities. AoS

Currently, ultrasound imaging is predominantly done by a probe that possesses many transducers, which are small devices that transmit, and then receive, acoustic waves. Decreasing the number of transducers, while maintaining image quality, is surely a desirable

Hybrid 2d-nanomaterials in electrochemical immunosensing of clinical biomarkers

A key to develop nanodevices with high performance for biosensors applications is to explore advanced functional nanomaterials . Among these materials , 2D – based nanohybrids clearly stand out in the field of electrochemical immunosensors for clinical