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Silkworms turning your shirt into a cell phone battery

AoS. Silkworms Turning Your Shirt into a Cell Phone Battery

Feeding Bombyx mori larvae with nanostructured materials such as CNTs, graphene, TiO2 and other metal oxides have been investigated in recent reports. The feeding process proved that Bombyx mori larvae can intake nanostructured materials, which affect the

Dramatic effects of Sn addition on Ge crystallization

Dramatic effects of Sn addition on Ge crystallization. AoS

Research on novel materials to replace Si has been actively pursued for sustainable improvement of electronic devices. Ge has attracted attention as the most promising candidate for next-generation material because it has a higher carrier mobility than

Control of doping in racing pigeons

Pigeon racing is considered a popular sport in several countries such as Belgium, England, Netherlands, Portugal, Japan, Taiwan and South Africa. In all these countries, pigeon racing is a federated sport and racings take place on a

Acid Orange 7 photodegradation at Ni-foam/Sr1-x(La,Bi)xTiO3

Strontium titanate (SrTiO3) belongs to the perovskite family of compounds and is a very well-known oxide with high catalytic activity and high chemical and photochemical stabilities. In this research, we aimed to improve the SrTiO3 photocatalytic activity

Ultraviolet lasing realized in ZnO via electrostatic doping method

Ultraviolet (UV) lasers have a variety of applications in many fields like machining, labeling, measuring, and guiding, etc. Wide bandgap semiconductors are one of the most promising candidates for efficient and robust UV lasers. ZnO has a

Computational study of optical and electronic properties of metal-decorated Graphene

The computational methods for studying the various properties of nanomaterials like Graphene, have become extremely popular these days. Thanks to the ever increasing processor speeds. These methods include Density functional theory ( DFT ) and Time dependent density