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An educational programme for the control of hospital outbreaks

Healthcare associated infections due to microorganisms resistant to multiple antimicrobial drugs (Multidrug Resistant Organisms-MDROs) represent a concern for healthcare facilities worldwide. Because of the difficulties in the management of MDRO infections, various guidelines containing recommendations have been

Training the next generation of global health leaders in the Pacific Rim

Global health is the term applied to a rapidly growing area of research, training, and application of public health approaches on a global scale. The solutions to current and future global health problems will require a highly-trained,

Nursing students’ perceptions of community care

The increase in extramural healthcare leads to a need for more well-educated community nurses. The number of nursing students who see this healthcare field as interesting for their future career, however, is limited. Many students tend to

The declining influence of family background on educational attainment in Australia

Siblings have much more similar educational outcomes than non-related individuals do of the same age. The similarity between siblings’ outcomes compared to individuals from different families provides a measure of the total impact of family background. Family

Decreased radiation exposure with a safety training program

The importance of limiting radiation exposure among healthcare workers and patients is of utmost importance. According to the National Council on Radiation and Standards the recommended maximum annual dose of radiation to the whole body is 5,000

Later school start times improve sleep in high school students

Research conducted over the past four decades has shown that acquiring adequate sleep is a component of normal growth and development during childhood and adolescence. Adequate sleep is needed to achieve optimal mental and physical alertness, daytime

Why do we need to educate the public before asking for their opinion?

Public attitudes and opinions have always been important in health research. For example, many research studies use a community-based approach to inform the outcomes and design, while other studies include a member of the public as a

The social gap in lifetime in good health increased during the financial crisis in Denmark

The trend of increasing social health inequality persisted during the financial crisis in Denmark. In addition to about 4 extra years of life 50-year-old Danes with a high educational level could expect to live more than 9