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EEG reactivity in coma

AoS. EEG Reactivity in Coma.

The electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test of brain activity applied on Hospital Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to detect seizure activity, with up to half of ICU patients having seizures associated with their neurological condition. For this reason,

Impulsivity and FFFS traits relate to resting frontal activity: Influence of experimenter’s gender

Gray’s revised reinforcement sensitivity theory (rRST) of personality postulates three main systems: the behavioral approach system (BAS), the fight-flight-freeze system (FFFS) and the behavioral inhibition system (BIS) which govern the two motivational systems. This theory has attracted

Brain networks in major depressive disorder

Pathophysiology of major depressive disorder (MDD) is poorly understood, because it affects a broad range of motivational, emotional, and cognitive processes, which are difficult to disentangle. Thus, task performance differences between patients and healthy controls may relate

Women are more inclined to antropomorphizing things

Sometimes, while observing the clouds in the sky, coffee foam or random decorative patterns, it is possible to be struck by the impression of clearly perceiving a face that is so well defined and yet so illusory.

Personalising meditation with the help of brain research

Therapeutical approach such as meditation (an ancient mind–body practice) that specifically targets stress and associated with it risk factors through regulation of self-related processes may hold potential for lessening the burden of chronic diseases, slowing and possibly

Why you can ignore a leaking tap in your apartment but not a mosquito

The rich information offered by multiple senses typically benefits our information processing and behaviour in everyday situations. In social situations, where many people are speaking, seeing lip movements helps us understand what will be said next. Evidence