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Recording in the emergency department: illegal or immoral?

Patients and staff should expect privacy in emergency departments and should not be recorded without giving their consent in advance. Emergency departments (ED) use audiovisual recordings to document clinical information and to assist with diagnosis and treatment.

Ovarian torsion or something else

Ovarian Torsion or Something Else. AoS

Ovarian torsion, also termed as adnexal torsion, is the total or partial twisting of the ovary and almost always involves part of the fallopian tube. The incidence of adnexal tumors increases with age and one of the

Assessing the outcome of multiple trauma patients based on their GCS and FOUR score coma scale

Evaluating the level of consciousness is one of the initial, important and basic assessments of patients and it can be challenging even for experienced physicians. Various scoring systems have been defined that can be helpful in predicting

Emergency department presentation predicts poor outcomes after meningioma removal

A meningioma is one of the most common forms of a brain tumor. Unlike many other types of brain tumors, meningiomas are typically associated with relatively favorable outcomes even when they require surgical treatment. In the past

Diagnosis of concussion in children

Children frequently injure their heads during play and sport, which often leads to visits to the Emergency Department (ED) to be checked by a doctor. Concussion is a type of brain injury, which requires an accurate and