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Why do some people self-harm under distress? Harvard study suggests impulse control is key

AoS. Why do some people self-harm under distress

Self-harm, or non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), refers to people intentionally hurting themselves without intending suicide. Common examples include cutting, burning, or hitting oneself. A growing number of adolescents and young adults report NSSI – yet most have no

“I feel blue”: The problem of using figurative language in psychological tests

Ever had difficulty describing a nagging worry or burst of joy?  Emotions are hard to describe with literal language, so people often use figurative language: I’m feeling up today, but she’s got the blues.  However, when figurative

When you and me become two sides of one coin

Since about mid-1700 western ideology increasingly emphasizes individualism and the distinction between a person and his or her social environment. But the separation between oneself and others has been shown to vary between individuals and even from

Cortisol levels as index for vulnerability to stress

Stress exposure is known to precipitate psychological disorders. However, large differences exist in how individuals respond to stress; whereas some people thrive under stressful situations, others break down and are at risk to develop psychopathology. One important

Fear of anxiety and the brain response to threatening stimuli in panic disorder

Panic attacks are periods of very sudden intense fear, accompanied by bodily or cognitive symptoms (such as heart palpitations, dizziness, shortness of breath, or feelings of unreality) that can last from 10 minutes to hours and are

Intense negative emotion can relieve your anxiety symptoms

Both our everyday sense and host of psychological literature indicate people who have tendency to experience negative emotion (one may call them neurotics) are prone to suffer from anxiety problems. Such anxiety problems include generalized anxiety disorder,