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Viewing more than the tip of the iceberg: speech therapists learn to report on the whole of the swallow!

When we take a sip of our well-deserved cup of tea, it travels through our mouth, into our throat, passing our closed airway, through our food pipe and into our stomach. This process takes approximately 10 seconds.

Intramural esophageal diverticula

Over five billion dollars are spent annually in the United States to control acid reflux symptoms, such as abdominal and/or chest pains, acid regurgitation, coughing and others. The article by Hubbard and Demos (2016) presents three unusual

Belching: How does it work?

The belch seems like a simple rapid act with no clinical significance, but many studies suggest otherwise. Although most of the belch response occurs over a period of less than two seconds, the belch is actually composed