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Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

AoS. Orexin signaling promotes initial alcohol consumption

Orexins (orexin-A, orx-A and orexin-B, orx-B) are neuropeptides expressed exclusively in hypothalamic neurons of the lateral hypothalamus and perifornical area. They mediate their effects through activation of two G-protein coupled receptors, the orexin-1-receptor (Orx1R) and orexin-2-receptor (Orx2R).

Hand disinfectant with activity against all viruses

Across the hospitals worldwide the same procedure can be seen to take place: the doctor or the nurse applies disinfectant (sanitizer) on their hand before examining the patient. In doing so, she or he inactivates bacteria, yeasts

Generation of a microbial factory for direct biofuel production from plant cellulose waste

Biofuels have attracted increasing interest due to economic, geopolitical and environmental concerns caused by fossil fuels. It has been proposed as a renewable, sustainable and environmental-friendly fuel to replace fossil fuel or be used as fuel additive.

Development of amorphous magnesium-calcium phosphate as a bone substitute biomaterial

The research that we report here is related to amorphous magnesium-calcium phosphate (AMCP) materials. The word “amorphous” is of latin origin; “a” means no and “morphous” means shape. The amorphous materials do not have the well-behaved periodic