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Fatigue assessment strategy using Bayesian techniques

AoS. Fatigue assessment strategy using Bayesian techniques

The fulfilment of the probabilistic fatigue characterization of materials based on the S-N field requires the definition of the statistical distribution of the percentile curves of the failure probability, interpreted as a simplification, by their confidence bands.

Sleep deprivation disrupts visual scanning for driving

Sufficient good quality sleep is a necessity for the human brain to function normally. Sleep is primarily regulated by the in-built biological clock that is synchronised with the day-night cycle of our environment, which prepares the body

Using artificial intelligence to understand irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia syndrome

Modern medicine is based on the concept of disease. Each disease has its own unique and specific pathophysiology – meaning that each disease has a biological fault that defines that disease and only that disease. Functional disorders

Solar radiation reduces endurance exercise performance in a hot environment

Environmental conditions have a large influence on the development of fatigue during physical activity and exercise . High ambient temperature reduces endurance exercise performance compared with moderate and low ambient temperature . Moreover , in a hot

Rare and uncommon cancers

A rare cancer is one that occurs less than 6 times in 100,000 people and an uncommon cancer is found between 6 and 12 times in each 100,000 people. The problem with being rare is that there