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The effects on the body of a fever

This article discusses the differences between pyrogenic (eg sepsis) and non-pyrogenic fever (eg classical and exertional heat stroke, and drug-related illnesses). Normal human temperature is around 37C, but may vary by up to 1C. ‘Fever’ is not

The risks of brain damage after hyperthermia

This article describes the unintended neurological consequences after a period of fever or hyperthermia. A fever may have many causes, including after strenuous exercise, being in a heatwave, taking certain drugs and medications, and various illnesses. Hyperthermia

How does fever work? As a non-specific stressor

Despite the spectacular discoveries in immunology and recent biotechnological advances, amazingly there has been no consensus on how fever functions to help control infections. Does the heat of fever act as an immune stimulant, or does it