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Immune damage of Apical Epidermal Cap impedes limb regeneration in frog

The evolution of the immune system in terrestrial vertebrates has allowed a high efficiency in the protection against mutated and cancer cells, foreign substances and microbes. Immune cells however become fully immunocompetent only late during development or

Can environmental factors influence amphibian’s skin bacterial shield?

Amphibians are particularly vulnerable to environmental perturbations. Its ecology and life cycle potentiates its exposure to aquatic and terrestrial pressures and its naked skin provides free flow of water and other substances across it. However, amphibian’s skin

When young are more conspicuous than adults: a case in frogs

One frog species, Clinotarsus alticola, described in 1870 was well known by its tadpole that bears remarkable characteristics (a relative large size, several large pairs of glands whose the most conspicuous lies behind the eyes, patches of

How tree frogs keep their Y chromosomes healthy

Sex chromosomes are the pair of chromosomes that fate whether we become male or female. Females carry two X chromosomes, while males carry one X and one Y chromosome. These chromosomes are quite special among the genome:

Maximising the frog biodiversity surveys in looking at tadpoles

Amphibians are organisms very sensitive to environmental changes such as habitat lost, appearance of new pathogens, pollution and climatic changes among others. Facing these threats efficient conservation plans must be worked out to protect this fauna (as