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A potential radiotracer for imaging the lungs

Routine patient lung scans in the nuclear medicine department have for decades, employed a radioactive technetium-99m-aggregated-albumin particle injection dose, in conjunction with a ventilation dose of Tc-99m-aerosol in tandem. The lung scans are usually requested for patients

Non-invasive whole-body imaging of fibrosis: is it feasible?

Fibrosis is a chronic, life-shortening disease that can occur either as a consequence of genetic defects or in response to inflammation or damage. Such body systems as respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, genitourinary, and reproductive can be affected. Fibrosis

Providing isotopes that can pinpoint disease in the body

President Eisenhower’s “atoms for Peace” initiative started the movement to explore peaceful uses of radioactive atoms, and today one use of radioactivity is to diagnose and treat diseases. Radioactive atoms are unstable atoms that decay by characteristic