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Exploring gap junction networks required for zebrafish skin pattern formation

The study of pattern formation has advanced to a new phase involving channel molecules acting on bioelectric signals, with gap junctions being major relevant factors. Gap junctions are composed of connexin proteins: six connexins form hemichannels/connexons on

Cells must communicate to maintain normal uterine and placental functions

Cell-cell communication through specialized channels known as gap junctions (Fig. 1) regulate cellular metabolism and coordinate cellular functions during growth and differentiation of organs and tissues. Gap junctions are composed of six proteins known as connexins (Cx)

Genetics of body shape: Connexin43 is the key to two zebrafish mutants with shorter backbones and fins

The variation in body shape within and among animal species has long been an intriguing question. D’Arcy Thompson, a pioneer of mathematical biology in the early 20th century, put forth the idea that body shape variation in