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5 Equine Health Conditions Every Owner Should Know

AoS. 5 Equine Health Conditions

Being an equestrian allows you to interact with one of the most majestic animals in the world – horses.  It also comes with an immense responsibility to care for a horse and learn how to keep it

Is the ACTN3 gene a real “speed gene” in horses?

AoS. Is the ACTN3 gene a real “speed gene” in horses

The ACTN3 gene encoding α-actinin-3 in humans is considered to be a key factor in determining the predisposition to short- or long-term exercise (sprint or endurance). In addition, mutations within it are used for commercial genetic tests

Large animal models for osteochondral regeneration

Comparison of common currently used large animal models

Due to the lacking of a blood supply and the low cellular density of articular cartilage, this hard tissue has a limited healing capacity. Therefore, focal traumatic events causing cartilage defects rarely resolve spontaneously or are usually

Aryepiglottic fold augmentation for late onset dysphagia after recurrent laryngeal neuropathy in horse

Coughing and dysphagia are known post surgical complications following prosthetic laryngoplasty for laryngeal hemiplegia, subsiding with time in most cases. The author observed a delayed onset of dysphagia following this surgery in a small number of patients.

The use of bone marrow-derived mononuclear cells ameliorates airway inflammation in horses with recurrent airway obstruction

Horses stabled indoors live in a pro-allergenic environment and are exposed to molds, mites, and bacterial endotoxins from hay and bedding. This exposure exacerbates recurrent airway obstruction (RAO), an asthma-like disease. Affected horses suffer from recurrence of

Candidate gene analysis of osteochondrosis in Spanish Purebred horses

Equine osteochondrosis (OC) is a frequent developmental orthopaedic disease (DOD) with high economic impact on the equine industry. The multifactorial origin behind its aetiology, including genetic, vascular or biomechanical influences, as well as other environmental factors such

Algae and moulds: Causative agents of respiratory tract disease in horses?

This investigation identifies the alga Prototheca and the mould Pithomyces chartarum as rare causes of upper respiratory tract inflammation in horses. More frequently, upper respiratory tract disease in horses is caused by viral and bacterial infections. Patients: