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The drug that can inhibit infection by reovirus

Cellular diversity is, to some extent, determined by the molecules present within specific cells. For example, cells that make up the endothelium, the part of blood vessels that come in contact with blood, make specific proteins that

Post-surgery early aerobic exercise: reduces lung complications and hospital stay

Lung related complications like infections and clots are common after complex abdominal surgery. These have a negative effect on the patient’s recovery, can prolong hospital stay and can even lead to death. We performed a study to

Making a better mouse model to understand the pathogenesis of respiratory syncytial virus infection

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the number one cause of infant hospitalizations in the United States. RSV infection is very common, with all children infected with this virus at least once by two years of age. Severe

A small step closer to a save new antibiotic

An important fundament of our so called modern medicine are substances that are save for humans to take but deadly for bacteria. They are known as antibiotics. Interestingly, most of these have their origin in microbes, using

Psychological stress can influence key immune activities and an important protein in the response to infection

The central role played by our immune system is to protect us against infections.  In doing so, the immune response creates a localized toxic inflammatory environment that makes it difficult for the infectious agent to survive.  In