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Einstein and the measurement problem: Is he right again?

In quantum mechanics there exists an unresolved and much debated foundational issue known as the ‘measurement problem’, of how and where one goes from the microscopic quantum world to the macroscopic classical world when an abstract entity

Digital model of the cancer cell

We are postulating that human cells should be analyzed as analog/digital systems (biological computers) capable of digitalizing the analog information from the environment, processing that information in digital form and producing a programmed action according to that

How can living systems understand external reality to survive better?

Do data given to a subject contain information about something existing outside the subject, or are they mere mental states of the subject? This is a long-standing philosophical problem about the reality of percepts, asking whether sense

Antibiotics: what patients don’t know

Antibiotics are among the most frequently prescribed and precious medicines we have. They cure infections if used correctly but overuse, underuse and usage errors pose risks to patients and the community. Risks include excess side effects, uncured

What is the value of missing information when assessing decisions that involve actions for intervention?

Most decision support models in the medical domain provide a prediction about a single key unknown variable, such as whether a patient exhibiting certain symptoms is likely to have (or develop) a particular disease. However we seek