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Using controlled disorder to probe coexisting quantum orders in NbSe2 superconductor

Using controlled disorder to probe coexisting quantum orders. AoS

Many pure elements and complex compounds become superconducting when their electrical resistance drops to zero below critical temperature, Tc. For more than a century, the race for higher Tc remains one of the most exciting topics in

The art to irradiate the Internal Mammary Nodes (IMN) in breast cancer patients

Radiation therapy (RT) has demonstrated strong clinical benefit in patients with breast conservative surgery or with radical mastectomy and who are at high risk for relapse. Unfortunately, this benefit was counterbalanced by an increased risk for death

Predictive modeling of ion track formation during irradiation

Radiation is common in nature such as during the decay of radioisotopes in minerals and in space (cosmic radiation), but also in man-made environments, like fusion and fission reactors, nuclear waste disposal facilities, medical imaging and treatment.