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More Paleolithic-like lifestyles and diets associated with lower colorectal cancer risk

More Paleolithic-like lifestyles and diets associated with lower colorectal cancer risk. Atlas of Science

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among women and men combined in the United States. CRC incidence (i.e., the rate of new diagnoses) varies about 20-fold across countries. The incidence among immigrants

Can you reduce your risk of diabetes with lifestyle changes?

Glucose homeostasis deficiency may lead to chronic increase in blood glucose levels and could affect a large number of tissues and organs.  The shift from early metabolic abnormalities that forego diabetes, such as impaired fasting glucose and

Enhanced lifestyle satisfaction in severely dependent smokers after quitting

Many smokers are dissatisfied with their tobacco consumption. Smokers often fear significant disadvantages such as intolerable craving, irritability and increased anxiety. This kind of misgiving is especially pronounced among heavy dependent smokers. This study aims to answer

Migraine, lifestyle, childhood

Migraine is one of the most frequently reported somatic complaints in childhood, with a negative impact on health-related quality of life. Headaches in childhood are subtended by primary headache syndromes with a significant negative impact on the

A tutorial on randomized study designs for lifestyle interventions

Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours such as an unhealthy diet, excessive energy intake, smoking, excessive alcohol use, physical inactivity and poor stress-coping behaviour can act as causal factors in the pathway of many diseases. There are various types of