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A combined rapid microfluidics and design-of-experiment approach to optimize liposomal formulations

AoS. A combined rapid microfluidics and design-of-experiment approach

Nanomedicine has attracted enormous attention for the introduction of advantageous nanoscale materials. Among them, liposomes have devoted considerable concern owing to unique physicochemical and biological properties, as well as the tremendous potential for drug delivery applications. Over

Understanding how liposome composition and manufacturing affect docetaxel encapsulation and cell killing

Docetaxel (DTX) belongs to a class of anticancer drugs clinically used to treat a plethora of cancers, including breast and prostate cancer. DTX works by interfering with the cell cycle and blocking cell proliferation. Although being a

Applying nanopharmacology to obstetrics: A novel targeted drug delivery system for the uterus

Pregnancy is a dangerous period for both the mother and foetus. Being born too early (preterm birth) is the leading cause of death and disease in children <5 years of age, while insufficient uterine contractions during or

Repetitive growth and fission of artificial cells with gene replication

Reconstruction of an artificial cell is one of the biggest challenges in elucidating the border between living and non-living things. Liposomes are compartments that have lipid bilayer membranes, like cells, and therefore are used as an artificial