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A new chance for rapamycin

Rapamycin is a bacterially-produced drug first discovered in the soil of Easter Island, and currently used as an immunosuppressant for organ transplantation and the treatment of certain types of cancer. Rapamycin has received popular attention following the

Dementia and successful ageing after 100: An international consortium

Up until recently, centenarians and near-centenarians (i.e. 95 years and above) were considered outliers – few and far between – who had somehow beaten the odds and survived to the very limit of the human lifespan. According

Anti-aging pills: is it a time for human implementation?

The investigations aimed at human life extension have traditionally raised concerns that it can lead to the growth of the older population and, consequently, to the high prevalence of aging-associated chronic pathologies. Numerous studies have, however, demonstrated

A new drug target for healthful aging

With the aging population of the United States increasing every year, there is an increasing need to develop new therapeutic modalities to provide for healthful aging. Although longevity is generally considered positively in most families, and of