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WRGSD: improving reliability and efficiency for coastal monitoring network

Water-quality response grid-based sampling design (WRGSD) using optimization and multi-factors assessment can reliably detect a variety of the impact of human activities. The sampling design are optimized by clustering and dividing the water quality response grid to

Interactive/combined effects of climate change and pollutants is a major threat to marine biota and seafood worldwide

Both climate change and pollutants are a global problem and a major threat to social, economic, and environmental sectors. Climate change stressors are rise in temperatures, ocean acidification (decrease in pH), sea-level and hypoxia (dissolved oxygen <

Marine metagenomic large insert libraries as rich source for biofilm inhibiting molecules

Marine microbial consortia are highly diverse and have evolved during extended evolutionary processes of physiological adaptations affected by a variety of ecological conditions and selection pressures. They harbor an enormous diversity of metabolically complex microbes with still

Hiding under sea bed: a new species of sand crab Jonas kalpakkamensis is discovered

The common edible crabs which we often encounter in land, sea and freshwater bodies mostly belong to a group classified as brachyuran crabs. They constitute a third of the commercial value of Indian seafood. There are about