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Single nucleotide polymorphisms as genomic markers for high-throughput pharmacogenomic studies

DNA is a double strand molecule composed of nucleotide subunits, consisting of three components: a sugar, a phosphate group and one of four nitrogen-containing base, (Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine or Thymine). Among humans, DNA molecules are 99.9% identical.

The prognostic value of tumor markers and cytokines in patients with squamous cell cervical cancer

Optimal management of cervical cancer consists of appropriate treatment methods after the precise staging, following detection as early as possible, and the best salvage therapy. Early detection of recurrence, especially at the early stages in cervical cancer

Predictors of 360-day survival in centenarians

Healthy aging assumes the combination of longevity and quality of life. Quality of life in old age is associated with mental and physical well-being allowing for independent living and social function. Appropriate scales can be used to