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Electronic liquid crystal: A key ingredient for solving a long-standing mystery of the high-temperature superconductivity

AoS. Electronic liquid crystal

The phases of matter are characterized by the symmetries inherent to each state. Imagine the freezing from water to ice. This phase transition is accompanied by the crystallization of H2O molecules, forming a periodic structure in a lattice.

Granular aluminum oxide thin films for quantum technologies: electric transport and noise properties

Layout of a typical sample measured. AoS

Quantum computation is one of the most attracting research fields, due to the possibility of implementing computational machines much more performant than classical computers. In the last yeas, great progresses have been achieved both from a theoretical

9th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures. Zurich, Switzerland. June 22-23, 2020

Theme: Unveiling the Advancements in Material Science and Engineering It takes pleasure in inviting the scientific community across the globe to attend the 9th International Conference on Smart Materials and Structures during June 22-23, 2020 at Zurich,

Anion exchange in water: a simple way to complex and greener thermoelectrics

The need to convert and store energy in an efficient and sustainable way has already become one of the highest priorities of the new millennium. One possible solution to this challenge is the thermoelectric, which can be

European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials. Paris, France. September 04-05, 2019

European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials

LONGDOM proffers our immense pleasure and honor in extending you a warm invitation to attend “European Forum on Dentistry and Dental Materials” to be held during September 04-05, 2019 in Paris, France. Dental MAT 2019 is focusing

DIY materials will allow scientists and engineers to re-make the world

Human development has been based on making the best possible use of natural materials and resources – initially plants, wood, stone and metals, before the evolution of man-made materials such as plastics. All of these kinds of

Stanford team brings quantum computing closer to reality with new materials

Quantum computing could outsmart current computing for complex problem solving, but only if scientists figure out how to make it practical. A Stanford team is investigating new materials that could become the basis for such an advance.

Predicting the properties of materials: Stepping into the unknown

To use a material, one needs to know and understand its properties – its density, its hardness, its strength, etc. – and the relation of the relevant properties to the desired application.  Those properties listed above are

Just add water; boiling up high-performing thermoelectrics

Thermoelectric materials can realise direct conversion from thermal to electrical energy and offer unique opportunities to harvest useful electricity from waste heat. Tin selenide (SnSe) is one of the best thermoelectrics currently known as it combines an

White light emissive molecular siblings

Human eye is capable of detecting only a relatively tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. However limited our vision might be, it is filled with the experiences of numerous colors, colors that control our emotional responses.  White-light

Lithium ion intercalation for boosting photoelectrochemical water splitting performance of TiO2 photoelectrode

Energy shortage and environmental pollution inspire the exploration of clean, renewable, and non-fossil energy carriers. Hydrogen, as “the world’s cleanest energy” because of its raw materials and products are water, and high energy content per unit mass

Materials for tomorrow: right next to us!

The idea of an artificial device able to help human parts to regenerate or to replace entirely one of the body functions attracted the attention of research teams around the world. During recent years, a route of

A new phase change material for thermal energy storage

The technologies currently used to generate energy through renewable sources such as solar, wind and biomass are still characterized by high costs and insufficient continuity of generation. Such sources will therefore continue to have a secondary role

New materials challenge well-established theory of crystal growth

The classical theory of crystal growth was established over a century ago and is still used today to describe the formation of crystals with highly symmetrical shapes. This theory explains that crystals start as a single seed

Transparent coatings and see-through materials from heating

Many modern technologies are based on materials that are deposited on special underlying materials. Optical coatings can prevent tarnishing, give anti-reflection benefits, and in some cases filter out harmful UV rays. In consumer devices, many modern optoelectronic

Measuring what cells feel using the nano-epsilon dot method

When we walk on the sand, a trampoline or a concrete pavement, we can feel the hardness, softness and springiness of the ground and respond by changing the way we move. The way we respond depends on

A new technology welcomes you in smudge-free world

Windows, walls, and automobile interior repelling smudge are no longer a dream. A new paint has been invented at Queen’s University (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), which will reduce fingerprints deposition on glass, prevent graffiti/acid rain from historical statutes,