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Maternal intake of resveratrol can help piglets resist early weaning stress

AoS.Maternal intake of resveratrol can help piglets resist early weaning stress

Under commercial conditions, early weaning in pigs involves abrupt separation from sows, resulting in a sudden move to a new environment at a much younger age than would occur in natural conditions. Weaning is a critical period

Migration and perinatal mental health

There are currently an estimated 1 billion migrants globally, with trends increasing dramatically. Migrants have higher rates of physical and mental illness than their non-migrant counterparts due to multiple stressors experienced before, during and after migration (Fig.

Suicide in pregnancy: a tragic cause of maternal death on the Thai-Myanmar border

Across the globe, suicide is an important and leading cause of death during pregnancy and after childbirth. The estimates we have are likely to be under-estimates of the true figures because many death registers wrongly record deaths

Mother sharks transfer radioactive contaminants to their young

When nuclear accidents like that at the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant release man-made radionuclides into coastal marine waters the resident biota are exposed by way of several environmental pathways. The commonly studied pathways for fishes are