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Chemical toxicity study of some Algerian medicinal plants

About 65 to 80% of the world’s population use traditional medicine for their primary health WHO according to the WHO report. However, the use of herbal medicines has come under scrutiny due to their perceived long-term toxicity

Mechanisms of diuretic plants: an overview

Ongoing research suggests several molecular mechanisms that were correlated with acute or prolonged diuretic activity of different natural products. So, it is not surprising that research on this subject is at the forefront of research on the

Artemisia annua leaves improved solubility of antimalarial drug, artemisinin

Artemisia annua L., also known as Sweet Annie, is a Chinese medicinal herb that produces the important antimalarial drug, artemisinin. Artemisinin is the most powerful antimalarial ever discovered and its derivatives are the main component of artemisinin

Chinese plants against syphilis from a 1740 French treatise by Jean Astruc

Historical medical sources can be still queried for forgotten cures and remedies. Chinese materia medica and remedies recorded or imported by the Europeans still reveal unknown or forgotten medicinal plants. An unknown today, versatile treatise on venereology