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Advanced plasmonics: Self-assembly brings order

How to make perfectly ordered membrane without ordering

Nanoporous self-organized membranes are complex, sophisticatedly fabricated, hierarchical nanostructures which combine several unique properties such as very developed surface area and long pores through the whole free-standing or surface-bond films of several micrometers to several hundred micrometres

NMR can now scrutinize the membrane of a living cell

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is a technique devised by physicists, that has developed into many applications. The most famous one is Magnetic Resonance Imaging that is commonly used in hospitals. In the research lab, NMR is generally

A tug-of-war helps shape membranes inside human cells

Imagine if you had to construct an intricate factory consisting of layered platforms interconnected with long tubes, using Lego pieces. The task would become more complex if this assembly would have to be periodically dismantled and rapidly

Nuclear membrane diversity

Although it is obvious that every tissue in our bodies is different, the vast majority of scientific research is done on a small number of cancer cell lines studying individual cells grown in dishes — for example

Increased microbial butanol tolerance

One exciting frontier in biofuel research is boosting production yields. Biofuels are produced using biological processes, usually from agricultural raw materials such as sugar, starch or oil. Currently the biofuel industry is dominated by ethanol production, but