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Inflammatory differences between men and women uncovered by 27-hydroxycholesterol

Inflammatory differences between men and women uncovered by 27-hydroxycholesterol. AoS

The combination of reduced exercise and increased caloric intake has led to a global obesity epidemic. Besides being characterized by increased waist circumferences and BMI, many obese patients also suffer from a chronic, low-grade inflammatory response, which

The challenge and impact of engaging hard-to-reach men in regular physical activity and health behaviours

Men from hard-to-reach populations frequently report poor health statistics and have therefore been highlighted as a particular area of concern for men’s health practitioners and professionals.It has been argued that participation in regular physical activity and engagement

Excess mortality associated with second hip fracture

Hip fracture increases death risk. Ten percent of survivors have second hip fracture. It is not known if second hip fracture further increases death risk. Here, we report that second hip fracture increases death risk beyond that

Muscle stem cells fail to become activated in Pompe disease and do not repair the accumulating muscle damage

Skeletal muscle is the largest organ of the body and is responsible not only for movement , breathing and posture, but is also important in regulating body temperature. It is not surprising that defects in muscle function

Kenyan men’s fears about family planning

Despite increases in recent years in the number of women wanting to avoid pregnancy, the use of modern contraceptives in sub-Saharan Africa remains low. For example, in Kenya about three-quarters of married women aged 15–49 want to