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Why do some people self-harm under distress? Harvard study suggests impulse control is key

AoS. Why do some people self-harm under distress

Self-harm, or non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), refers to people intentionally hurting themselves without intending suicide. Common examples include cutting, burning, or hitting oneself. A growing number of adolescents and young adults report NSSI – yet most have no

Short sleep duration is associated with symptoms of depression

AoS.Short Sleep Duration is Associated with Symptoms of Depression

The average person spends about a third of his life sleeping, but for the busy and the ambitious that is a lot of time.  Many of us would rather spend that time working on important projects or

Global climate change and mental health

AoS. Global climate change and mental health

In the past decade, several empirical studies and systematic reviews of the literature have documented the mental health impacts of global climate change.  However, the range of impacts and their relationship to specific forms of climate change

Just a click away: smartphone apps can improve mental health

Just a click away: smartphone apps can improve mental health. AoS

Within the past decade, smartphones have been assimilated into the personal, social, and occupational routines of a significant proportion of people around the globe. In fact, previous reports show that more than half of the Western population

The mental health profiles differ between gender-specific occupational groups

Profiles of mental ill-health for the largest occupational

In this study we constructed the mental health profiles for the main occupational groups in the Finnish working age population, separately for men and women. Antidepressant use, long-term sickness absence due to depression, and suicides were used

We’re all afraid to die, even the young and faithful

We’re All Afraid to Die, Even the Young and Faithful

Fears of death and dying, sometimes called “death anxiety,” “thanatophobia,” or “mortality salience,” have long been studied in psychology and other fields. The topic is important and interesting because prior studies have shown death anxiety to be

Subjects with gambling-related problems requiring treatment

Subjects with Gambling-Related Problems Requiring Treatment

Gambling disorders affect 0.2–5.3% of adults worldwide, although measurement and prevalence varies according to the screening instruments and methods used, and the availability and accessibility of gambling opportunities. A significant percentage of gamblers develops clinically relevant gambling

How can writing help with mental health?

How can writing help with mental health

Posted by Sully Davis Over the years, many positive attributes have been connected to writing, whether it’s just keeping a diary or writing on interesting stuff. Of course, those who are mostly involved in college research papers and

How exercise can improve your mental health – it’s a no brainer!

A plethora of studies are emerging which show the positive effects that exercise can have on mental health and emotional state. The physical effects of exercise include reduction of blood pressure, greater cardiovascular fitness, weight loss and

Migration and perinatal mental health

There are currently an estimated 1 billion migrants globally, with trends increasing dramatically. Migrants have higher rates of physical and mental illness than their non-migrant counterparts due to multiple stressors experienced before, during and after migration (Fig.

Barriers to implementing person-centered recovery planning in the public mental health system

Person-centered care is one of the six aims of healthcare quality established by the Institute of Medicine (2001). Person-centered recovery planning (PCRP) is a relatively new initiative in mental health care that refers to a process by

Mental health costs within the Alberta criminal justice system

We know that there is a relationship between mental illness and crime. We know less about the cost of mental health services as a proportion of all costs within the criminal justice system.  In the absence of

Designing physical activity environments to include nature enhances positive physical and psychological benefits

Physical inactivity has been identified as a pressing health issue across the globe because has been directly related to mental and physical ill health. Insufficient physical activity (PA) is now the fourth leading underlying cause of premature

From complex questionnaire and interviewing data to intelligent Bayesian Network models

Medical data is very often badly structured, incomplete and inconsistent. This limits our ability to generate useful models for prediction and decision support if we rely purely on machine learning techniques. That means we need to exploit expert

What predicts clinician dropout of a state-sponsored training program on best practices for improving children’s mental health?

In the U.S. , 1 in 5 children currently have or will have a serious mental disorder. State mental health systems care for many of these youth and are increasingly looking for ways to both improve the

A vital sign for the mind

Movies, television shows and the daily news will oftentimes depict people in severe states of drinking or drug behaviors, illustrating the depravity of this problem. It is more dramatic to show victims of these addictions in advance

Risk factors for psychotic major depression

Risk factors are attributes, characteristics, or experience that increase the likelihood of developing an illness or disorder. An understanding of the risk factors involved in mental disorders may inform the development of more effective treatments or even

Major disaster has minimal effects on mental health measured by dispensing of psychiatric medication

There are well established links between traumas and psychiatric disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, other Anxiety Disorders, and Depression.  Traumas include events that affect individuals such car accidents, rapes, and violence as well as disasters

Access to a car can be important for the health and mental health of older people with impaired mobility

This research looked at statistical relationships between access to a car and the self-reported health and mental health of people aged 65years or older, living in Northern Ireland. The analysis used the Northern Ireland Longitudinal Study (NILS),