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Is the gravimetric water content true? NIR spectroscopy gives an answer for polymers and composites

The more water is inside the polymer, the more intense the peak.

A common way to measure water content is by weighting the polymer or a composite sample, using a gravimetric method. This method often overlooks that there is already some water inside the initial (mistakenly called “dry”) material.

Corticosterone in chameleon claws

Steroid hormones act throughout life to regulate numerous physiological processes such as development, reproduction and immunity as well as behavioral responses, e.g. stress response and risk taking. Steroid levels vary rapidly according to varying conditions and stressors.

A novel method of edema fluid drainage in obstructive lymphedema of limbs

Human tissues contain tissue fluid. This fluid originates from blood plasma. Plasma water, proteins and nutrients are filtered to tissues from blood capillaries and spread around the cells. Cells incorporate from tissue fluid what is important for their

Flattering innovation: a popular method to test new devices is often misunderstood and misused

How do we test a new method to measure something? Is it as good as a tried and tested method? It may be quicker and easier to use, but is the result equivalent to the old, clunky

Neurophysiological biomarkers as a method to evaluate effects of drugs

When it comes to treatment of brain diseases not affecting the motor-system, drug development has proven difficult, because the majority of tests of drug-effects in animal experiments rely on changes in the behavior of the treated subject.

Evaluating methods for detecting deadly skin cancers

Melanoma is a rare, but potentially deadly, type of skin cancer that develops in skin cells called melanocytes, which are responsible for producing the pigment in your skin. According to the American Cancer Society, the probability of

Evidence-based guidelines for better health: can their role be sustained?

This project matters because it recognizes a threat to the continued production or modifications (adaptation) of guidelines, which promote best health care practices; and, it offers a framework for solving this threat. Over-emphasis of unnecessarily stringent standards

Simple method for measuring important components of cannabis in blood

The first recorded use of cannabis sativa, commonly called hemp, was by the ancient Chinese as early as 4000 BC. It was used as a fiber source for textiles, ropes, and paper. In addition, medical and entertainment